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Generated $350M+ In Revenue
World Class E-Commerce Experts
Helped 150+ Brands Scale

$350M+ In Revenue Generated For our clients

The Problem

It's time to stop wasting money on Paid Ads that don't work…

Almost every brand that reaches out to us is losing money on paid ads.

I bet your brand is, too.

Truth is…

Scaling an e-commerce brand with paid ads isn't as easy as it used to be.

You can't just run sub-par ad creatives to a poorly converting, slow landing page and still hope to 2-4x your ad spend. 

This 'Golden Era' ended with the iOS 14 update and when demand for ads surged.

Now, higher ad prices and competition from bigger brands forced brands to evolve their marketing.

And while your competitors 3-5x their return on ads by constantly testing creatives, landing pages, offers and all the other factors that affect conversions…

Your profitability keeps plummeting every time you try to get past 7-figures a month with paid ads.


Landing pages


Ultimately taking you back to square one.

current strategy

The good news is, it's not hard for us to take a look at your accounts, ad creatives & landing pages and come up with a strategy to consistently bang out killer ad campaigns that help you scale to 7+ figures a month profitably… without you having to lift a finger.

That's the best part about paid ads:

Once you hone in on a killer strategy that you optimise relentlessly, it starts generating new customers and revenue that you can scale profitably.

The hard part is finding the right combination of creative, audiences and offers etc... to make that happen.

Which is where we come in.

If you have a great product that provides significant value, some experience with paid ads, and you're willing to test new strategies in your paid acquisition plan… we can likely get you to 7-figures a month.

Just like we did for some of our clients below…

brick-by-brick framework

Your Brand Deserves The Best

Our Brick-by-Brick Framework is both holistic and comprehensive, ensuring no area of your brand is left untested. Renowned as the go-to team, we specialize in proactively steering brands towards consistently exceeding seven-figure monthly revenues, all while sustaining profitability.

Brands stay with us for 18+ months

Generated $350M+ in Revenue

world class e-commerce experts

Helped 150+ brands Scale

Don’t Take Our Word For It

Hear What Our Clients Have To Say

“They care so much!”

Meg & Ryan

CPG Brand Owners

“Our ROAS increased tremendously”


CEO of SHITI Coolers

“They are absolutely phenomenal”


CEO of Lifestyle Brand

“If you want to scale, choose Brick”


8-figure Footwear Brand Owner

"I'm very grateful for the Brick team"


Founder of Undersummers

“They really treat your brand as their own”


Founder of Social Culture Art

“Our ROAS increased tremendously”


CEO of SHITI Coolers

“They are absolutely phenomenal”

Joey Brya

CEO of Lifestyle Brand

“These guys really treat your business as their own”


Founder Social Culture Art
Our Secret?

the Brick-by-Brick™ Framework that guarantees growth for our clients

Setting the foundations

We will set solid foundations by researching your market and product to ensure nothing is left to guesswork.
Data Review
Competitor Research
Ads & Analytics
Consumer Behaviour Research
creative strategy
Much more

Building your powerhouse

We'll send our ad wizards into your account and prepare it to make it scale profitably over time.
Account Optimization
Conversion Tracking
Ad Planning

Crafting unique creatives

We will personalize your campaign with creatives that showcase your brand in the best possible light.
Creative Audit
Creative Editing
Creative Strategy
Creative Testing
Creative Feedback

Celebrating & iterating

We celebrate your success as you sit back and watch sales roll in like clockwork while a team of experts will be dedicated to monitoring your campaigns and optimizing them for maximum revenue.

1. Setting the foundations

We will set solid foundations by relentlessly researching your past data, industry, audience and product to ensure nothing is left to guesswork and everything we do is based on hard data.

2. Building your powerhouse

We'll send our world class team into your account, creative drives and landing pages to make the appropriate changes that allow us to alleviate bottlenecks and to scale profitably over time.

3. Crafting unique creatives

We will dive deep into your creative strategy and develop a seamless creative feedback loop. From ideation to iteration and everything in between.

4. Implementation & Iteration

We double down on what working as you sit back and watch sales roll in like clockwork while our team of experts obsess over your growth and monitor your campaigns like hawks for maximum revenue.

Scale your Brand to multiple 7-figures a month

We are very selective with what brands we work with. So it's very important that brands hit the following criteria:
Culture: It's important that we get along. We talk regularly & we want our partnership to enjoyable.
Product: You must have a great product that provides value and solves a huge pain point.
Results: We want to be as confident as we possibly can be before we start working together that we can smash your goals. No BS, full transparency. Always.
Creative: You must have the ability to produce new content regularly (or employ our team to do this for you).
Budget: You must be spending at least $30k/month on ads currently.
We’ve Implemented Our
Brick-by-Brick™ Framework Across 150+ Brands

And They’ve Been Crushing It

Footwear Brand

From $147K/Month To $1.19M/Month In 8 Months

Before partnering with us, they had built a brand with a dedicated following and an expanding product range. Nonetheless, they faced challenges scaling beyond $150k per month while remaining profitable.

After conducting a comprehensive ad account audit, we introduced a consolidated account structure that enabled efficient creative testing, all while addressing the foundational barriers that hindered their scalability, such as, landing pages and slow loading times, lack of creative variety/volume and many more areas.

The Results:

$147k per month to $1.19 million per month whilst exceeding performance requirements

3.5X Cumulative ROAS

case study 1 before
3.5X Cumulative ROAS
$1.19M A Month
case study 2 after
Apparel Brand

From $350K/Month To $797K/Month In 4 Months

Prior to our collaboration, they were engaged with another agency, achieving monthly revenues ranging from $320k to $355k. However, they encountered difficulties in surpassing this threshold while still ensuring profitability.

There where many areas across their brand and ad account left untested and unoptimised. Once these areas where address, along with proactive testing, we were able to unlock the next level of scale for this brand, whilst exceeding performance requirements.

After we took over the management of their ad accounts + creative strategy:

$350k to $797k per month whilst exceeding KPI’s
(on track for the brands first $1m month)

3.9X Cumulative ROAS

case study 2 before
3.9X Cumulative ROAS
$797K A Month
case study 2 after
Office Supply Brand

From $1.4M/Month To $2.1M/Month In 8 Months

Before commencing our partnership, this brand was grappling with ad creative challenges and sought our expertise to improve the efficiency of their ad spend while scaling their overall brand revenue, all within predefined performance KPIs.

We were able to alleviate all their creative bottlenecks that were preventing them from making progress: Ideation, volume, testing & iteration.

Once this was achieved, along with other optimisations outside of their ad account, we were able to achieve significant growth.

After 8 months of working with us:

From $1.4M/Month to $2.1M/Month whilst exceeding KPI’s

First $2M month in revenue

3.7X cumulative ROAS

case study 3 before
3.7X Cumulative ROAS
First $2M A Month
case study 3 after
Creatives That Drive Conversions

From Script Writing, creator sourcing to editing & testing...

Zero BS. We'll diagnose your brand and develop an appropriate strategy.

Our Services

Facebook Ads

Creative Strategy & UGC

Google Ads

Meet Our Leadership Team


The marketing maestro 🚀

With a decade of experience at Apple Inc., Toby possesses a unique insider's perspective. He's not just a seasoned corporate professional; he's managed his own DTC brands. This means he fully comprehends your priorities, challenges, and grasps the entire spectrum of your needs and concerns!


keynote speaker & mad scientist 🔬

Obsessed with all things related to paid ads & e-commerce, Tony stands out as one of the sharpest minds in the industry. With an innate understanding of which levers to pull, what strategies work, & what to avoid, his expertise is invaluable for achieving profitable growth.

media buyer

creative editor

creative strategist

client success manager

media buyer

creative editor

creative strategist

client success manager

The Team

WORLD CLASS growth Experts

At brick we only hire the smartest, most growth-minded e-commerce experts in the world.


Facebook Ads
Google Ads
Site Speed Optimization
Creative Strategy
Performance Creative

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What to do next?

What the first steps look like

Discovery Call

First, we need to learn if your brand is a good fit and if we can actually hit your goals. Book a call with us. It costs you $0 & there's no commitment + it will be valuable.


You attend a 30 minute call where we dive into the details of your brand, your goals and if we can help you achieve them.


We’ll request access to your ad accounts and other assets to conduct a comprehensive audit.


We’ll share our brutally honest feedback on where the issues lie, how to fix them and ultimately how we can hit your goals.


We hold another call to discuss our findings, and if you’re good fit we’ll discuss what the next steps look like.

Discovery Call

First, we need to learn if your brand is a good fit. Book a time in the calendar below. It cost you $0.


We’ll hold a 30 min intro call where we dive into the details of your brand, your goals and if we can help.


We’ll request access to your ad accounts, and conduct a comprehensive audit.


We’ll share our thoughts with you. Brutally honest feedback on what’s wrong and what we’d do to turn things around.


We hop onto a secondary call to discuss our findings, and if you’re good fit we’ll discuss the next steps.
Have more questions?

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to frequently asked questions about our services, process, and more.
Which advertising platforms will be utilized?

Facebook/Instagram and Google/YouTube.

How many brands does Brick work with at one time?

We cap the number of clients we work with at one time to 30. This ensures we can allocate the time necessary to each client.

How many people will be working on my brand?

You will have 4-5 experts working on your account at all times. This includes senior media buyers, creative strategists, lead strategists.

Do you offer creative production too?

Yes, we offer full service performance creative for assets to be used within ads. Your creative strategist would lead this from start to finish, concept creation, script writing, creator sourcing, editing to testing and iterations.

How will you manage/use the creative variety I’ve provided?

We will start testing a variety of creatives provided initially with different copy/headline combinations (ideally 3-5 ads per week); after our initial testing, we will get back to you with recommendations/feedback based on what’s working to provide us with more creative, this feedback loop will continue/keep improving as we progress.

Could you elaborate on your research process and strategy development?

Our research process starts off with exporting any existing customer reviews on your website; we then clean this data to initialize our analysis, and we perform a comprehensive analysis to identify the primary pain & benefits of the products commonly occurring words/phrases.

We also work on identifying the common personality traits of customers who buy products from your brand and any specific reviews that stand out (emotionally triggering, life-changing moments, etc).

After our analysis is complete, we built several personas; based on these personas, we identify the strongest marketing angles that could be used in our ads, and based on these angles, we tailor our creative & copy strategy.

How is the advertising strategy tailored to effectively reach the target audience?

We operate based on best practices post-IOS 14 update, i.e. having a consolidated account structures. Ad platform algorithms are quite advanced; hence, taking a top-down approach in terms of audience targeting works the best, we run our ads with a broad audience and let Facebook’s algorithm decide who gets to see the ads; this approach works almost every time.

However, this does not mean we don’t test other audience types; once we have identified potentially winning ads, we test them against various audiences (Lookalikes and interest-based) to get the most out of our ads.

What specific metrics will you be monitoring to gauge the success of our ads?

We look at a lot of metrics for making ad-level decisions and this will depending on what we're optimising for and what our objectives are:

Primary metrics we look at:
- Cumulative ROAS
- Cumulative CPA
- Ad Platform ROAS
- Ad Platform CPA
- Spend
- Sales

Secondary metrics we look at:
- Scroll Stop Rate
- Clickthrough Rate
- Frequency
- CR%